Academics – 11.2020 Edition

#43317 – #43321 – #43357 In the student’s portal, when the student goes to check on an assignment, he will now be able to see his mark in the assignment, review comments and review files attached to the assignment. Students will only be able to see marks if they have been published by the teacher or admin. The student will no longer be able to see if the assignment is over due in the assignment popup window, only on the main assignments tab. 

Students Portal: Dashboard>Progress>Assessments & Assignments>Assignments tab>My Submission button. 

#43314-#43315-#43316 Teachers, Employees and Admins can now see the Assessment General Comment in the assessments grid of the Assessment Scheduling page. These comments are visible by clicking on the button in each assessment line of the grid. If there is no comment made for an assessment, they won’t be able to view an icon. Students are also able to view the assessment general comment in their assessment & assignment page. 

Teachers Portal: Dashboard Academic Tasks, Assessments> Assessment Scheduling. 

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Management>Academic Tasks>Assessments>Assessment Scheduling. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Academic Tasks>Assessments>Assessment Scheduling. 

Student Portal: Dashboard>Progress>Assignments & Assessments>Assessment Results tab. 

#41993 – #42026 – #42027 – #42049 – #42114 – #42253 – #42336 – #43118 – #43284 – #43285 

The Point Management System: This is a brand-new module and currently belongs to the overall Academics Module. The point management system allows the institution to give points, thumbs up/down and Badges to students who display positive or negative academic performance and or behaviors at school.  It is a way of rewording or chastising students according to their performance. Points are allocated to certain behaviors such as in the case of absences (Late -1 points, Present +2 points etc.)Admins and Employees may configure the point management system and Teachers can allocate points to students. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Academic Settings>Marking Settings>General Settings>Point System tab.  

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Quick Actions>Pointing System button. 

Employees Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Academic Settings>Marking Settings>General Settings>Point System tab.  

Employees Portal: Dashboard>Quick Actions>Pointing System button. 

Teachers Portal: Dashboard>Quick Actions>Pointing System button. 

Teachers Portal: Dashboard>My Students> View Students>Points>Data Trail Log. 

Students Portal: Dashboard>Academic Data>Points 

#42783 – #42787 Its now possible to activate Academic Data for your Alumni. This option is available from general settings>security settings tab. If the option is turned on, Alumni will be able to view their past academic data (marks per class/assignment, overview etc.) in their Alumni Portal. 

Alumni Portal: Dashboard>Academic Data. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Main Settings>General Settings>Security Settings Tab>Portal Visibility Rights> “Show Academic Data to Alumni Portal” checkbox. 

#42020 – #42094 When you create sessions from the timetable you will now be able to choose a range of days to create sessions for. You can create sessions for Mondays in a specific date range or all days in a specific date range. You will find this new range filter by clicking on the “+Create from Timetable” button in the sessions list page. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Academic Tasks>Sessions & Homework>Sessions List>Click on +Create from Timetable>Session List Filters. 

#41877 – #42058 – #42057 In the online enrollments which are located in the student’s portal, we have added the filter button “My Enrollments” so that students can view all their enrollments together (subjects and services). Additionally, once a student clicks on enroll to a service the institution/employee will receive an email & internal message that the student has enrolled to a specific service or services. The recipient of the email & internal message can be set from General Settings>Basic Configuration>Special SettingsA minor change has been made in the appearance of the Abbreviation and Title text in online enrollments. Title of the service will be in larger fonts than the abbreviation. 

Student Portal: Dashboard>Registration & Enrollments>Online Enrollments>Filters “My Enrollments”. 

Dashboard> Registration & Enrollments>Online Enrollments>Services tab>Click on “Enroll” button. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Main Settings>General Settings>Basic Customization tab>Special Settings. 

#41932 – #42143 The notification service can configure various types of notifications regarding absences, marking etc. With this new addition to notifications, teachers will receive notifications for unmarked assessments that do not have a status e.g Draft or Waiting Marking. Teachers will now be informed about all pending assessment that need marking. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>Timeline View 

#40266 – #40267 – #40268 – #40909 – #41709 Additions to Teachers My Subjects page: 

  1. When a Teacher views a subject, he will now be able to see a button that can transfer him directly to the edit subject page (Edit Button). This helps the teacher view if all is ok with the subject and if he needs to make changes, he/she can click on the edit button fast and easy. When the Teacher is in the edit page of a subject, he can now see a button leading him to “View” the subject (View Button), and make sure all appears as he/she wants it.  
  1. In the Subject Planning tab of the edit subject page, teachers can now define the progress of each section of the subject plan. The Teacher can edit a section by clicking on the edit button and changing the status of the section e.g from in progress to complete. This information will be visible to students attending the subject and their parents. 
  1. In Subject Planning tab of a subject, when viewing or editing a section the Teacher will be able to view if the section is published. 
  1. Students will be able to see the status of a section in student planning tab when they view the subject. 
  1. Teachers can now vie a new tab in the Subjects view or edit page. The tab that has been added is called Bulk Assessments Planning. On this tab a Teacher can view or edit assessments regarding the subject in bulk. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>View button on the subject>Edit Button. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>Edit button on the subject>View Button. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>Edit button on the subject>Subject Planning Tab>+ Add New or Click on Section Edit button>Status dropdown and “Is Draft” switch. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>Edit or View button on the subject>Published icon under section name. 

Students Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>View a Subject>Subject Planning tab. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>My Subjects>Edit or View button on the subject>Bulk Assessment Planning tab. 

#40159 In the subject’s attendance page teachers and employees can now see the positions calendar column in the list of students. In this column you can click on the clock button to see where the student was located (Time and Classroom). The subject will need to be setup in the timetable and or session with an allocated classroom for this button to work. 

Admins Portal: Dashboard>Management>Academic Tasks>Attendance>Subject Attendance>Search and view the new column and clock button in the results. 

Employees Portal: Dashboard>Management>Academic Tasks>Attendance>Subject Attendance>Search and view the new column and clock button in the results. 

Teacher Portal: Dashboard>Attendance>Subjects Absences>Search and view the new column and clock button in the results. 

#40010 – #41980 – #42087 There is an update regarding the “Enroll Mandatory Units and Courses: button (When using Curriculums). If you use this button now you can allocate all Main Classes or Curriculums to students. The system will assign students to the main groups associated with the chosen curriculum. The units are assigned as long as they have  passed pre-requisite units, if the student failed a prerequisite unit, you will see a report in the end of the process with the units that were not enrolled due to failed prerequisites.   

#39068 – #40350 – #40351 For institutions with many students, whave created a bulk edit educational programs tool in the Student List page to make the assignment of educational programs to students much faster than before. By selecting students from the students list and clicking on the bulk edit educational programs option from the Actions menu, you can change student’s educational programs in bulk. You can change an educational program based on Year, Stream or Type and you can automatically assign Curriculums and Annual results to students based on the program they are placed in. In addition, you have the option to change educational programs for student’s even if they have existing financial arrangements. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Students>Students List>View Grid View> Select Students>Click on Actions Menu>Click on Bulk Edit Educational Programs.