Academics Module – 2.2020 Edition

Major Updates

#35394 There is a new setting which allows Teachers to view sessions that refer to his subjects and classes that have not been created by him. The setting can allow teachers to view all sessions related to their subjects even if they were not the creators of that session.

Dashboard > Configuration > Academic Settings > Sessions & Homework > General Settings > Sessions tab >  Teachers Session Visibility.

#35226 Criteria column is visible in Assessments Scheduling.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Assessments > Assessment Scheduling

#34701 You can now enrol students to Class/Subject from all views in the student’s list. You must browse to the view you want and from the actions button choose to enrol to Class/Subject.

Dashboard > Management > Students > Student Lists >  Choose a view > Action button enrol class/subject.

#34679 Teachers busy hours are shaded on the timetable and Classrooms are displayed with a unique colour on the timetable.

Dashboard > Academic Tasks > Timetable > Calendar View

#36622 Admin users can copy or delete a Timetable as a Bulk Action.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Timetable > Calendar View or Timetable Scheduling > Actions button

#36340 The Publish Marks button is available now on Teachers Assessment Scheduling and Assessment Marking pages.

Dashboard > Management > Assessments > Assessment Scheduling-Actions button (Teacher Portal)
Dashboard > Management > Assessments > Assessment Marking-Actions button (Teacher Portal)

#36257 Assessment Marks Analysis- Marks Overview you can now see Homework Delivery Status.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Assessments > Assessment Analysis > Marks Overview

#35998 A Supervisor can review all assessments from all classes he/she supervises.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Assessments > Enable Supervisor Mode
Dashboard > Configuration > Main Settings > General Settings > Basic Customizations > Enable Supervisor Mode

#34596 New action button on Session List that allows users to change Absence Dates.

Dashboard > Academic Tasks > Sessions & Homework > Sessions List

#32429 Automatic Calculation of Term O.G.

Dashboard > Gradebook (Term Marks) > Auto calculation popup window (Teacher Portal)

#31741 – 31745 We have added the option of setting public holidays in the school calendar. The system automatically prevents users from scheduling homework, sessions, exams, assignments and attendance on those days.

Configuration Main Settings > General Settings > Basic Customization > Holidays Configuration > Open > Create New

#36625 A Timetable Category can be locked for preventing changes after the Lock Date.

Dashboard > Configuration > Academic Settings > Timetable > Timetable Categories > Create New or Edit

#29095 Advanced Marking Overview in Teacher’s Portal.  Teachers can have an overview in all the classes and students they are teaching, as well as the assigned assessments.

Login as a Teacher > Analysis > Assessments & Assignments > Marking Overview


#36350 Beta Version Timetable is available to view from the Dashboard.

Institutions on Beta version can see this on their Dashboard

#36296 Users can link assessments when creating a new session.

Dashboard > Academic Tasks > Sessions & Homework > Sessions List

#36203 Assessment Marking/Term Marking retains information even when the assessment has been deleted.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Assessments

#35108 Cross Teaching Absences Function

Single Screen Registration of Absences in cases of cross teaching between multiple institutions

#35088 Bulk Assessment Planning/ Copy Assessments to Classes and Assessments. Additional Copy All button in bulk Assessments tab.

Dashboard > My Units/Subjects > Edit > Bulk Assessment Planning tab (Teacher Portal)

#34759 Examinations may have Overall Mark Limit.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Assessments > Assessment Scheduling

#34567 Subject Absences in the Teacher Portal now have an additional search filter called sessions. You can use the filter to locate a specific session from a specific date.

Teacher Portal > Dashboard > Absences > Subject Absences > Filter sessions

#34566 (BETA version) In the Attendance list we have added extra search filter options such as ID Number, Level, Course, Teacher and Subject. You can also filter the results list by Subject, Date and Teacher.

Dashboard > Absences > Subject Absences > Filter

#33958 In the timetable when creating a session, you will need to add resources required for the session. The resource you choose will not be able to be used in other sessions taking place at the same time. In other words, now you book a specific resource.

Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Timetable > Calendar View > Create Session in Timetable > Add Resource

#33562 When in the timetable you assign a teacher to a subject then the system will auto-assign a co-teacher with the assistant status.

#32375 Creation of Text box button to Autofill all lines in Numeric Marking.

Dashboard > Gradebook (Term Marks) > Autofill button in the top of each column (Teacher Portal)

#36724 An addition has been made to the parent’s portal that will allow parents to view the answers given by their children in assessments/quizzes. This is done by clicking on the quiz answers button in the Indicator/subject column of the Assessment Results tab list.

 Dashboard > Progress > Assessment Marks > Assessment Results tab > Indicator/subject column. [Parents Portal]

#35989 When there is a workflow attached to an assessment and its marking then the reviewer when reviewing will be able to see not only the teacher’s grade but his comments as well.

Teacher Portal (Reviewer) Dashboard > Assessments & Assignments > Marking.