Admissions – 01.2021

#46630 We have made a further addition to the automatic creation of applications function of classter. Currently by enabling the setting you can create applications for existing students once you have edited their student form and clicked on save. So if you enable the Enable Automatic Creation of Application in Student Edit setting then when you edit a students form and save, the system will generate an application for the student as long as that student does not already have an application. This setting is in Admission Settings of the configuration menu and is available for Admins and in some cases Employees (depending on the institution). 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admissions>Admissions Settings>Application Settings> Auto Creation Of Application In New Student Creation section> “Enable Automatic Creation of Application in Student Edit” setting.  

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admissions>Admissions Settings>Application Settings> Auto Creation Of Application In New Student Creation section> “Enable Automatic Creation of Application in Student Edit” setting.  

#46100 Based on an admission setting, students applying to an institution can view a pop-up window prompting them to book a meeting with the admissions team through integration with Calendly. This function requires integration with Calendly. The Admission setting is called “Appointment Scheduling Software” in which you will need to select Calendly. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admissions>Admissions Settings>Application Settings tab>Appointment Scheduling Software>Calendly. 

#45977 We have added an additional filter when applying to an institution, this filter is the grade level of the educational program and you will see it in the initial page of the application management tab in the Admissions portal. This filter is turned on and off via a setting in the Admissions Settings page. 

Admission Portal: Dashboard>Application Management>Grade level filter. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admission>Admissions Settings>Application Settings tab>Basic Settings section>” Enable Years Level filtering input for new Applications”. 

#45966 In the Applications Management page of the admin and employee portal you will be able to find a new bulk action. The new bulk action is to create an event. You can do this by selecting applicants from the list and clicking on bulk actions>create event. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Admission>Application Management>Select Students>Bulk Actions>Create Event button. 

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Management>Admission>Application Management>Select Students>Bulk Actions>Create Event button. 

#45643 The admissions portal has been updated to include a financials tab for students with a specific status e.g Accepted. They can have access to their financial relationship with the institution and make online payments accordingly. This tab is regulated by a new setting in the admissions settings page. The new setting is called “Show Financial menu for the following registration statuses. 

Admission Portal: Dashboard>Financials tab. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admissions Settings>General Admission Settings tab>Basic Settings> “Show Financial menu for the following registration statuses”. 

#43453 In the Admissions portal, the personal data tab can now be renamed via the customize terminology page. By going to the customize terminology page, general tab you can alter the name of the personal data tab in the Admissions portal in a way that better suits your admissions process.  

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configurations>Main Settings>Customize Terminology>General tab>Personal Data. 

#41876 Some major changes have been made to the Admissions dropdowns. The simplest of which is that we have reordered the dropdowns so they can appear in the following order: 

  1. Application Intake 
  2. Application Category 
  3. Application Type 
  4. Application Status 

To Application Intakes we have made the following changes: 

  1. Marking Period is no longer a mandatory field when creating or editing application intakes. 
  2. The field Semester has been changed to Admission Marking Period and a select all button has been added. 

To Application Types we have made the following changes: 

  1. Application types can now be connected to specific application intakes upon creation. 
  2. The courses field in application types creation is now a multi-select field to help you better select courses connected to the specific application type. 

Lastly, to Application Status we have made the following Changes: 

  1. It is now mandatory to connect an application status with student status. 
  2. You can now view all connected student statuses. 
  3. It is mandatory to have a “Draft” and “Submitted” status. 
  4. A tooltip explaining the differences between application and student status has been added. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Admission>Dropdown Lists> New dropdown list order.  

Dashboard>Configuration>Admission>Dropdown Lists>Application Intake>Create New or Edit. 

Dashboard>Configuration>Admission>Dropdown Lists>Application Type>Create New or Edit. 

Dashboard>Configuration>Admission>Dropdown Lists>Application Status>Create New or Edit.