Admissions Module – Edition 2.2020

#36656 Additional on/off switcher in Admission settings for the creation of Online Enrolments.

Dashboard > Configuration > Admission > Admission Settings > Application Settings tab

#35443 Enrol Students to Class/Subjects from all student list views.

Dashboard > Management > Students > Student Lists > View Students per Educational Program > Actions Enrol Classes/Subjects

#34503 Option to send Initial Application Letter as a Bulk Action.

Dashboard > Management > Admission > Application Management > Bulk Actions

#31473 Change of method for filling the seats in Mass Enrollment to Classes & Subjects.

Dashboard > Management > Admission > Application Management

#36037 There has been a change in the marking section of the Classter platform/all portals. All Columns formerly named O.G and O.G Free have been renamed Suggested O.G and Final Overall Grade.

All Portals > Marking > Lists