Advanced Configurations – 11.2020 Edition

#42194 – #42195 In advanced configurations, admins will have access to a new tab called Payments Gateways. This new page will give you the ability to integrate with many popular payment gateways such as Braintree, Strip, BlueSnapJCC, Zona and UPayment. Students and parents of your institution will be able to make fast and secure payments through these new platforms (all cards accepted). 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Advanced Configuration>Payment Gateways>Braintree, Strip, BlueSnap, JCC, Zona, Upayment. 

#42033 – #39598 The new timetable import function is now available and gives you the ability to match data from an excel sheet or from an xml file you export from asc timetable and import to the Classter Timetable. To find this new feature you need to go to advanced configurations page and from the mass imports/actions tab select the import timetable option (from asc timetable). 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Advanced Configurations>Mass Imports/actions tab>Import Timetable>select from excel sheet or asc timetable.  

#41988 – #42504 – #42505 – #42544 – #42542 – #42541 – #42748 – #43201 Integration with WooCommerce: With this integration you can connect any WooCommerce e-shop with Classter through API connection. That gives the option of syncing buyers data with the Classter database after they check out from a WooCommerce eshopthis creates a Student Profile automatically with courses/classes enrolled, financial arrangements, personal data etc. To setup this integration please contact the Sales Department or Classter Support for more information.