Billing – 01.2021

#46393 Performance upgrades have been made to the billing functions in the student’s financial forms. All the actions operate in a much faster time. This improvement has been done to make your experience with the system faster than ever before. 

#46274 For our clients in Greece we have set up a new integration between Classter and the AADE revenue service of the Greek Government. This integration will allow institutions to comply with new regulations regarding invoicing and receipts. Educational institutions in Greece will be able to send copies of the receipts and invoices they have issued to clients, to the AADE system of the Greek government for review the government. In advanced configurations, you can now find this new integration tool, in order to successfully comply with new Greek Government Regulations. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Advanced Configurations>Third Party Integrations>Official Financial Exports option. 

#46258 In the Arrangements list page of billing, you can now create mass arrangements for students regarding specific services. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Financial>Arrangement List>Actions menu>Arrangements Mass Creation button>Services field. 

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Management>Financial>Arrangement List>Actions menu>Arrangements Mass Creation button>Services field. 

#45879 When the admin has added both payment options to online payments, namely Per Installment of Free Value then the student or parent making a payment will be presented with the per installment option by default, but he will have the ability to switch by clicking on the Free Payment button. Once you choose the Free Payment option the page will reload to display that option. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration Financial Settings>General Settings>E-Payments>Basic Settings Section>Allowed Payment Methods setting>Specific Installments and Free Payments. 

Parent and or Student Portal: Dashboard>Financial>Online Payments>Default payment method per installment>Payment Based on Specific Installment or Free Payment buttons.  

#45335 You are now able to import payments records from your bank to the online payments of billing in Classter. You can use excel or CSV files to import transaction data from your bank. All the transactions can be imported as verified. To do this you just need to go to online payments and click on the imports button from the action’s menu. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Financial>Transactions>Actions menu>Online Payments>Actions Menu>Import>Import Excel or CSV file tabs. 

#45163 Billing is possible now from another period for another period even if the period you are paying for does not have an arrangement plan in the current period. 

#44119 In the students form, financial tab Admins will now be able to edit fields shaded in green color e.g Payer, Starting Price, Final Price, and Pay Date. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Students>Students list>Edit Student>Financial Tab>Arrangements tab>In line “Manage” button (Arrangements)>Arrangements Installments> Payer, Starting Price, Final Price, and Pay Date fields highlighted in green are editable. 

#40797 A change has been made to the financial overview page of the student’s form. If a financial arrangement has a different billing plan than in the payment plan, then the invoiced amount column will hide the amount that has been invoiced. You will also be able to see a tooltip explaining that “No amount calculated because this financial arrangement has a different billing plan than a payment plan.”. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Students>Students List>Edit Student>Financial tab>Financial Overview>Invoiced Amount column. 

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Management>Students>Students List>Edit Student>Financial tab>Financial Overview>Invoiced Amount column.