Billing – 11.2020 Edition

#42016 – #42074 – #42032 There has been a change in the presentation of payments when using online payments. The payment month has been replaced with the order of payments so instead of Jan, Feb you would see 1, 2The order is based on the month’s setup in the arrangement plan. These changes apply also to three main views the Financial Overview (Admins, Employees), Receipts (Parents, Students), Online Payments (Parents Portal). In online payments parents will see the first available amount for payment. The financial settings will have an additional setting called “Show Installments with incremental numbering”. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Financial Settings>General Settings>Arrangement Parameters>Arrangement Configuration> “Show Installments with incremental numbering” checkbox. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Management>Financials>Financial Overview. 

Employee Portal: Dashboard>Management>Financials>Financial Overview. 

Parents Portal: Dashboard>Financials>Online Payment. 

#40194 – #40352 – #40353 A new setting has been added to the billing module which regards prepayments. The new setting “Set Current date plus X days as Prepayment Date. This setting overrides the date set in Arrangement plans for a prepayment (If the Arrangement Plan is created with a Prepayment instalment) by using the current date several days that you define so e.g 27/10/2020 + 2 days= Prepayment date 29/10/2020. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Financial Settings>General Settings>Arrangements Parameters tab>Arrangements Configuration> Set Current date plus X days as Prepayment Date.