Billing Module – 2.2020 Edition

Major Updates

#36469 Online Payments dashboard is automatically updated with the data from Outstanding Payments amounts.

Dashboard > Financial > Online Payment (Parent/Student/Payer Portal)

#35660 You can view discounts and price-offs next to each student’s arrangement plan.

Dashboard > Management > Financial > Arrangement List

#33864 Discount Types have been added to dropdown lists in the Portal.

Dashboard > Configuration > Financial Settings > Dropdown Lists > Discount Types

#36280 Users can delete issued Receipts. This can be configured in Role Rights configuration.

Dashboard > Management > Financial > Transactions
Dashboard > Configuration > Main Settings > Role Management

#33990 When sending an Email via Classter the Payer is included in the dropdown list.

Dashboard > Management > Financial > All Bulk actions/email in each tab

#33882 Integration with NBG’s (The National Bank of Greece) payment gateway.

Dashboard > Configuration > Financial Settings > Dropdown Lists > Payment Methods
Dashboard > Financial > Online Payment (Parent/Student/Payer Portal)

#32566 Additional information about invoice’s description on Student Card and on Parents Portal.

Student > Student List > Financial > Accounting Tab

#36581-36544 In the financial overview and student form/financial page the dollar symbol has been placed in its correct position which is before the amount.

Dashboard > Management > Financial > Financial Overview
Dashboard > Management > Students > Student Lists > Edit Students > Financial tab

#35390 When migrating contacts to the system, the system will transfer all data fields for student forms.