Mobile App – 01.2021

#46622 Students can now join class/subject meetings via the calendar of the mobile app. When a student logs in to his mobile app and browses his calendar, he can now choose a session for a subject that is taught via Zoom, Webex, etc. and join the online session via his mobile device. 

Student Portal/Mobile App: Dashboard>Calendar>Select Session>Join online meeting button.  

#46137 – #45718 On the Assessment Analytics page of the mobile app, you will now be able to see some improvements in the diagrams and buttons. You will be able to see the full subject titles above the diagrams and under each column in the diagrams as well as the full subject title under the Assessment Statistics per Subject section. This is part of the general improvement on the mobile user interface with the goal of making a more detailed and understandable user experience. 

Student Portal/Mobile App: Dashboard>Assessments>Assessment Analytics

#44627 Email and internal messages which have attached files can now be received via the Mobile App and the attachments can be downloaded or viewed on your phone. An improvement to make your life easier! Just go to your messages page on the app. 

Student, Parent Portal / Mobile App: Dashboard>Messages>Open Email or Internal Message>Click on attachment.  

#44213 In the attendance tab of the mobile app, teachers will be able to save & submit absences. Previously by clicking on the Save button when entering attendance, the app would simply save attendances. Now by clicking on the save icon, the teacher will view a message asking him if he wants to submit the absences as well. If in this message the teacher clicks on no, then the absences are just saved if he/she clicks on yes then absences are saved and submitted. This function is controlled by the admin and can be active or inactive based on settings. 

Teachers Portal/ Mobile App: Dashboard>Attendance button>Search for Attendance>Enter Absences>Click on Save icon>Message do you want to submit attendance>Click on “Yes” or “No”. 

#43248 We have added new settings to the mobile settings page regarding Assessment Statistics. The new settings are the following and govern the visibility of assessment statistics to students and teacher’s mobile app portal. 

  1. Show Assessment statistics: If this checkbox is checked than students and parents will be able to view Assessment Statistics in their Assessment Analytics section of the mobile app. 
  2. Show district comparison numbers: This setting is available only to institutions with Single DB and if it is the main institution. This setting determines if statistics from other institutions are available. 
  3. Please Select Years to Return ResultsThis setting regulates the academic years for which assessment statistics are available. 
  4. Show assessment actual descriptionThis setting if checked will display the assessment full description in the assessment analytics section of the mobile app. 
  5. Show Assessment chart per marking period: If this setting is turned on then the assessment analytics section of the mobile app will display a chart of assessment marks per marking period for students and parents in the mobile app. 

Admin Portal: Dashboard>Configuration>Main Settings>General Settings>Mobile App tab> Assessment Statistics section.