Other Modules & Manager – 2.2020 Edition

Transportation Module

#35377 New Action button to calculate students’ address coordinates (Latitude/Longitude).

Dashboard > Management >  Students > Student Lists > Grid View > Action Button

#35366 View Routes with Active or Inactive view filter. Route descriptions can be editable by clicking on it.

Dashboard > Configuration > Transportation > Routes


#33584 Addition of {Subject Field} in CRM Templates.

Dashboard > Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Templates Editing > Templates Editing button

#36062 Alumni can now make requests toward their institution from the new ‘Request’ tab. They can basically send comments to the administration or request to resolve e.g any financial concern.

Alumni Portal Dashboard > Requests tab

Quizzes & Surveys

#36765 Users can manage a dynamic quiz and perform actions such as deleting a question or adding an extra one.

Dashboard > Configuration > Academic Settings > Quiz Management > Quiz [configuration]
Dashboard > Management > Academic Settings > Quiz Management > Quiz [management]


#35519 In the Classter Manager a log of Deleted Subjects History is kept. You can now use the information from this log in a filterable list based on student, class, teacher, User who deleted, deletion date, period and institution.

#36568 In order to simplify the update process for Classter Manager, a button has been added that will install updates when they are available, but if there are non-available it will display <There is no new version available>.