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How to sync Classter Calendar to Outlook Calendar

Prerequisite Steps To synchronize your Classter Calendar with your Outlook Calendar, the Microsoft 365 Office integration must be set up. Refer to the Integrate with Office 365 for Education | Onboarding Manual – Classter Knowledge Base  Make sure you also

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DNS Authentication: Configuration and Best Practices

Spam and Phishing Concerns Recently, you may have noticed an increase in spam emails flooding your inbox. One major cause of this spam surge is inadequate email authentication practices. Spammers exploit gaps in email security to invade inboxes with phishing

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How to Create Custom Grids

Students’ Grid To create your custom grid, go to the Student List (grid view) and select the Column Options icon. At the bottom of the column options list, select Save as new template.     A pop-up window appears, to

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Private Sessions

Private Sessions Settings  Getting started with the Private Sessions feature you must Enable Private Sessions. Go to Financial Settings > General Settings > Private sessions Parameters > Enable private sessions.   Additionally, here you can configure other related settings regarding the

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