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User Actions | Employee’s Manual

Watch the How-to Video   Change Institute Use this option to log in to another Institute.   Note: This option is available only if there is more than one institute configured. Click on the ‘Change Institute’ button (Figure 4).  

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In General

This section of the advanced configuration page allows you to create integrations, connections with third party programs such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Email Accounts MS Teams and more (Figure 19).   Figure 19 In this screen you can see

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My Institute

Here is the first step in setting up your institution. Click on the My Institute tab to begin configuring your Institution (Figure 2).   Configuration > Main Settings > My Institute Figure 3   On my institute page, you must

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Standing Orders

What is a standing order? A standing order is an instruction to a bank, by an account holder, to make regular fixed payments to a particular person or organization. Why is it important? user-friendly, easy to monitor payments, saves time

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What is Shuttle Shuttle Global’s solution serves as a payment gateway. It provides an off-the-shelf payments infrastructure. It is a unified user interface (UI), a wrapper tool, that provides users with direct access to multiple payment gateway systems worldwide and

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Functionality of Sub-Location Sub-Location (a.k.a building): Multi-location schools now have the opportunity to designate specific buildings, floors, and classrooms, facilitating the filtering of students, staff, resources, communication, and other related aspects.   Customize the Name In case you want to

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