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Timetable Management

In this section you can schedule and manage your timetable, activate special constraints, and you can also produce printable timetable reports (Figure 24). Management > Academic Tasks > Timetable Figure 24 The following are prerequisites for setting up the timetable:

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Show Classmates For Parent & Student

Main Settings / General Settings / Student-Parent Portal / Visibility Settings & Rights / Show Classmates For Here you define who will see the classmates, i.e. whether the student will be able to see his classmates, whether the parent will

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Main Menu – Student’s View | Mobile App Manual

This is the equivalent of the Students Portal on the Online Classter Platform. This is where students will begin their navigation in the main menu screen (Figure 34). Figure 34 Main Menu In the main menu screen, you can navigate

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Teachers | Parent’s Manual

Watch the How-to Video In the Teachers menu, parents can see the images of the children’s teachers and find information on the teachers’ specialty, the subjects they teach and their availability. You can also view their email addresses and send

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Course Categories Properties | Curriculum

Course Categories are groupings of courses with certain properties that help in the proper function of curriculums. You can create course categories from the system dropdown list course categories. To create course categories, follow the path: Dashboard > Configuration >

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