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Classter's Glossary

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There are currently 17 entries in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Calendar View
A visual representation of timetables, accessed via Dashboard > Management > Academic Tasks > Timetable > Calendar View.

Card or Grid View
Viewing options for data within the timetable system.

Check Classroom
Verifying if the classroom’s capacity matches the number of students.

Check Students Enrollments
A check to ensure students' availability matches with the timetable.

Check Teacher Hours
A constraint ensuring that the timetable doesn't exceed a teacher's total working hours.

Class Session Hour
The duration of a class, which may vary from one institute to another, e.g., 60, 45, or 30 minutes.

Organizational units within an institution where students are grouped based on their academic year, stream, and subjects. Each class/group is associated with a specific timetable, subjects, and teachers.

Classroom Management
The techniques and skills teachers use to create and maintain appropriate student behavior, optimize student engagement, and ensure their classes run smoothly.

Classrooms in Classter
The digital counterparts of physical classrooms in an institution on the Classter platform. They're crucial for session planning and management.

Classter Dashboard Page
Is the starting point for all activities. On this page, you can access various features and information, including:

  • Events and announcements calendar, classes, exams, assessments, etc.

  • Number of active students, classes, and teachers.

  • Search functionality for students, teachers, relatives, and employees.

  • Quick action buttons to create students or teachers, view messages, user accounts, and attendances.

  • User Actions Menu in the top right corner, which provides options to change the institute, academic period, language, view and send messages, view announcements, use quick actions, and manage your profile.

  • Main menu on the left side for navigating through different sections of the platform.

Classter System
The system operated by Classter, consisting of various entities and functionalities.

Cloud-Based Software
A software program delivered through the Internet browser, rather than installed on a self-hosted server. Cloud-based software is typically delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and handles the technical management to ensure uptime and security.

Create New
A function to add new entities, whether they are timetable categories or periods.

Creating Classroom Types

  • Purpose: A classification system for the variety of classrooms in an institution.

  • Path to Create: A navigation path on the platform: Dashboard > Configuration > Academic Settings > Timetable > Dropdown Lists > Class Room Types.

  • Actions: Set of activities including selecting 'Class Room Types', viewing the classroom type list, and managing types via Copy, Delete, and Edit functions.

Creating Classrooms

  • Classroom Management: Activities around viewing, printing, copying, or exporting the list of classrooms.

  • Actions: A set of tasks to add a classroom, manage individual classroom properties, and configure details like editing, deleting, and copying.

  • Classroom Creation Page: A designated section where detailed attributes of a classroom are defined, including main data, other specifics, and third-party integration settings.

Primarily used in higher education institutions, it refers to a set of subjects or units that make up a degree program. Curriculums can be connected to one or more educational programs.

Custom fields
These fields are available in all user forms, including student, teacher, relative, and employee forms.