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Classter's Glossary

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Individual lessons or teaching sessions created by teachers or administrators within the timetable. They specify the subject, teacher, class, and classroom for a particular time and date.

Setup Constraints and Restrictions
Rules and conditions to ensure the proper functioning of timetables. These can range from checking teacher hours to ensuring that classroom capacities aren't exceeded.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Software that is hosted and supported by the vendor and delivered to the customer through the internet, often as a monthly or annual subscription service.

Specific subject matters taught by teachers as part of the educational programs. Subjects are connected to years, streams, schools, and classes. They are taught at regular intervals and have associated timetables, assignments, homework, and quizzes.

A specific role type for teachers who have supervisory responsibilities in an institution. They have access to data beyond their own classes/subjects/students and may be involved in marking workflows or verification processes.

Support (Ticketing System)
Submit support tickets to get assistance with any issues.

Synchronous Learning
The style of learning in which all students receive the same instruction in real time, either in-person or remotely.