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Integration with Moodle

About Moodle Integration (Full Sync)

Introduction This manual’s purpose is to help you set up a connection between your Classter platform and the Moodle LMS, with the goal of integrating the two systems for greater functionality for your system.   How to & Pre-requirements for Classter – Moodle Integration (Full Sync) It is important to

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Moodle Integration with Classter (Full Sync)

To begin the integration process with Classter first log in to your Administrator Classter account and search for the Advanced Configurations from the Configuration section. Then, click on the Third-Party Integrations tab, and you will find Moodle (Figure 6). A new window will pop up, and you will see some

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Synchronizing your Classter Data with Moodle (Full Sync)

Now let us see how you can sync your Teachers, your Students, and your Courses from Classter to Moodle!   IMPORTANT NOTICE: Follow the steps below only if you are using Moodle Integration (Full Sync). Always sync your Teachers first and then your Students or many things WILL go wrong.

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Moodle Integration (Partial Sync)

Introduction The Partial Moodle Integration is easier to set up than the Full Moodle Integration but, it lacks all the automated features the Full Integration offers. Follow our steps below to set up your Partial Moodle Integration correctly. To begin the integration process with Classter first login to your Classter

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