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Internship & Thesis Management

Maximum number of applications for Thessis or Internship per Student

Apprenticeships – Projects Settings / Apprenticeships – Projects Settings / Apprenticeships and Projects / Apprenticeships & Projects / Maximum number of applications for Projects or Apprenticeships per Student Here, you set the maximum number of student applications you accept for an internship. Example Setting -> 2 When you create a

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Quizzes are used to create the survey forms to be used by the supervisors for the evaluation of the internship. To setup quizzes – survey forms, from the main menu go to Academic Tasks > Quizzes > Quizzes. Figure 15  

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When creating a new company (employer) as a contact, select a category that allows the employer to create jobs. From the main menu, go to Personnel & Contacts> Employees & Contacts Create New> Companies Add a title Select a category Fill in all other necessary fields. Note that fields with

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At the college/ university level, enrol students to the internship subjects. One way to do this is from the Enrolments tab of the student form. Go to Students > Students List. Search for and select a student. In the Enrolments tab, assign the student to subject using either the: Enrol

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Administrator / Supervisor

The administrator/ supervisor can manage and view the internship/job applications. After logging into the portal as an administrator, they can use any of the menu options: Internships Thesis Student’s Internship & Thesis Internships To manage the available jobs/internships, from the main menu go to Internship & Thesis > Internship (Figure

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