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Online Payments

Add Bank Accounts

Select the Bank option from the dropdown list. On this page you can create and edit Banks that will be used for payments and will be available to users (Admins,

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Create Payments Account Employee

Select Payments Account from the dropdown field. On this page you can add and edit Payments Account Employee and define the Payments Account Employee that are responsible for various Payments

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Create Payment Method

Admission / Admission Settings / Financial & Payment Settings / Basic Settings / Payment Method In case you define an automated transaction creation, here you define the preselected/default payment method.

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What is Shuttle Shuttle Global’s solution serves as a payment gateway. It provides an off-the-shelf payments infrastructure. It is a unified user interface (UI), a wrapper tool, that provides users

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Standing Orders

What is a standing order? A standing order is an instruction to a bank, by an account holder, to make regular fixed payments to a particular person or organization. Why

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