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Updated on April 12, 2024

What is Shuttle

Shuttle Global’s solution serves as a payment gateway. It provides an off-the-shelf payments infrastructure. It is a unified user interface (UI), a wrapper tool, that provides users with direct access to multiple payment gateway systems worldwide and built-in monetization features. Integrating Shuttle, we aim for:

  • Efficiency
  • Time saving
  • User satisfaction

Moreover, Shuttle enables payment scheduling and allows the execution of standing orders.


Shuttle’s Payment Providers

Payment Providers | Shuttle – Payments Marketplace (


How to configure Shuttle

Advanced Configurations > General Settings > Payment Gateways and select Shuttle.



Select the Configuration button.



A popup window will appear. Select add and proceed.



Choose a Country. In the three images below, chosen from a Global index, the United States, Greece and the United Arab Emirates are displayed.



Moving forward with Greece and PayPal Commence (could be Stripe or Braintree, as well), a popup window will show up to get connected with the payment provider.



Fill in your credentials and go ahead.



Shuttle is now Enabled and ready to use.


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