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Relatives Management

Student Management | Relatives & Siblings Management

The first step of this section is to create Students. This step is carried out from the student list. From the main menu, go to click on Students (main menu) to select Students List or Relatives Management (Figure 1). Figure 1 Note: This is a one-time process where you only

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Relative Management

To access the relative’s management page, go to: Management > Students > Relatives Management Figure 11 In Relative Management, there are three (3) views: Grid View Relatives from all periods Relatives without students Grid View To get to the Relatives Management grid view, go to: Students > Relatives Management >

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Sibling Management | Relatives & Siblings Management

To create siblings, you must have both students already created and added to the student lists. If both have not been created, you need to create new student and then follow the instructions to connect them as siblings. In both cases you need to follow the path to the Student

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