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Messaging & Notifications

How to send notifications when the absences limit is met?

To succeed in a course, attendance is usually mandatory and only a specific number of absences is allowed. With Classter you can notify students (and/or their parents) when this absences limit is met.   Logged in as an Admin, navigate to Advanced Configuration > Notification Service Configuration. (Figure 1)  

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What are the different types of messaging?

CRM mini Manual: What are the different types of messaging? In Classter there are three types of messaging: Internal Message, E-mail via Classter and SMS. Whenever you require to send a new message, you get to choose which option suits you best. (Figures 1 & 2) Figure 1 Figure 2

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How can I send automatic notifications

In Classter you can send automatic notifications, for different reasons that have been occurred, like payment delay, absence limit warning, and more. To enable the ‘Automatic Notification Service‘, you have to go from the menu ‘CONFIGURATION > Main Settings > General Settings > Messaging and Notifications’. (Figure1)   (Figure 1)

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Can I create an email signature in Classter

Classter allows each user to create their own signature when sending emails, just like any other email provider. To create your signature, go to My Profile > Messaging Signature. (Figure 1, 2) Figure 1 Figure 2 When clicked, the following window will pop up. Here you can edit your signature

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Am I getting charged when sending out messages

Classter provides three types of messaging: internal messages, emails, and SMS. Internal messages through the platform are free of charge. (Figure 1) Figure 1 Emails are implemented from Mailgun, so having access to the email function of Classter means you are either using Classter’s Mailgun Account or your own. If

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