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Payment Receipts

Configure the Type of a Payment Receipt

There are many different types of payment receipts. With Classter you can choose the type you want to use, according to your educational institution’s needs. Tip: Find out how you can issue a payment receipt here. Logged in as an Admin, from the configuration menu, go to Financial Settings→General Settings.

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Issue a Payment Receipt

A payment receipt is different from an invoice. Meaning that a client can pay monthly and receive a payment receipt, but the educational institution will produce an invoice once per a defined period of time (e.g. year), as it was defined in the financial arrangement. To issue a payment receipt

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List of Payers

Use this function to view payers and their financial overview. Additionally, you can view students connected to the selected payer and statistics of payer’s financial data (Figure 108). Use the level, course, and student filters, to show corresponding payers. Note: a payer could be a parent, a company, or the

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Total View – Student Form

Select the ‘Total View’ tab Select a ‘View Type’: You can see the instalments payment status i.e. the outstanding instalments in red colour. The paid amounts in blue colour; click on them to see the invoice info tooltip. At ‘Invoices and payment receipts’ area, check the invoices or click on

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Parents Payment Portal

The online payments manual describes how to make and view online payments as a parent or payer of tuition, administrative and service fees (other charges can apply). You can also see how a Admin and Staff/Employee can view and manage operations involved in online payments through the Financial Management Tab.

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Admin Payments Portal

The institutions admins involvement concerning online payments is part of a two-step process. First the Payer will make a payment, and this will then notify the Institutions Admin of the payment made through the Financial tab transactions page. The second step involves the institutions admin invoicing and sending the receipt

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