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Basic Institution Set-up

My Institute

Here is the first step in setting up your institution. Click on the My Institute tab to begin configuring your Institution (Figure 2).   Configuration > Main Settings > My Institute Figure 3   On my institute page, you must enter all the relevant information about your institution. Basics such

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Creating a New Academic Period

Academic Institutions operate on an Academic period base, this can be a 6-month period or even a 12-month period. Regardless institutions will need to move {students} from year to year or semester to semester. This manual will show you the step-by-step process of creating new academic periods and transferring {students},

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Customize & Edit Terminology

This section describes one of the unique functions of the Classter Portal which is Customizing Terminology. This is a very important section because it allows you to modify the terminology to meet the needs of your educational institution. In various educational systems there are terms that have different names but

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Custom Tabs

We already saw above the general tab of the Customize Terminology page. Now we will look at the rest of the tabs. All tabs operate in the same way. Note: All fields or options with a red asterisk next to them are mandatory fields or options. If you do not

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Academic Periods

In this section we will be seeing how we can create academic periods. These are the academic terms that your institution operates in. You can create them according to your individual institution’s needs. Configuration > Main Settings > Academic Periods Figure 25 Once you click on the Academic Period button,

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This section concerns the various levels that an institution may have. Levels are defined as locations that the institution uses to provide its services, e.g., Elementary School, High School etc. You can connect these levels/locations with years and streams (in the next sections of the manual).   Configuration > Main

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