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Updated on April 11, 2024

Functionality of Sub-Location

Sub-Location (a.k.a building): Multi-location schools now have the opportunity to designate specific buildings, floors, and classrooms, facilitating the filtering of students, staff, resources, communication, and other related aspects.


Customize the Name

In case you want to use another term for building you can go to Main Settings > Customize Terminology > Write the term Building and select the custom field of the Building (image 1) > You can now change the term (image 2)


Image 1


Image 2



General Settings

Important! Do not forget to Enable the Building settings from Main Settings > General Settings > Basic Customization (image 3). Enabling the Allow a Building to be added to multiple Departments setting would permit linking a Building to multiple Locations.


Image 3


You can, now, organize your multi-location schools, adding specific buildings, floors, and classrooms. To add a new one, go to Configuration > Main Settings > Dropdown lists and select Buildings (Type: System) (image 4)


Image 4


Select Add New (image 5) and fill in the appropriate information for your building, in the popup window. (image 6). If you want to make changes press the pencil icon.


Image 5


Image 6



You can filter any Classroom connected to a Building.

Academic settings > Timetable > Classrooms > Write/Select the name of the Building and search. (image 7)


Image 7


Group your Classroom grid by Building. (image 8)


Image 8


Editing your classroom (image 9), you can also change its Building (image 10).


Image 9


Image 10



A Lecturer/Employee can get connected to one or more Buildings/Locations and filtered based on that, as well.

Entering a Lecturer’s Form, and his/hers Basic Data, you can Preview/Edit his/her Building data. (image 11)


Image 11


Searching for a Lecturer based on the Building.

Personnel & Contacts > Lecturers > Advanced Filters > Buildings (image 12)


Image 12


You can also preview/edit the Lecturer’s information about the building from the Actions Button. (image 13)


Image 13


Similarly, this principle applies to the employee.

Entering an Employee’s Form, and his/hers Basic Data. (image 14)


Image 14


Searching for an Employee based on the Building.

Personnel & Contacts > Employees & Contacts > select a Building from Buildings and search (image 15 & 16)


Image 15


Image 16


You can preview/edit the Employee’s information about the building from the Actions Button. (image 17)


Image 17



Every Building maintains its own set of items or supplies.

You can list each item according to its Building through the Timetable.

Academic Settings > Timetable > Inventory Management > Create New (image 18)


Image 18


The grid is now updated with the new Item.



You can also view your Inventory Per Building. (image 19)


Image 19



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