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Events & Announcements

What is the difference between an announcement and a central announcement?

Announcements in Classter can be created by Teachers, Employees, or Administrators for different reasons to inform users about certain issues. There are two predefined options under announcement category, Announcement and Central Announcement. (Figure 1) Figure 1 1. Announcement The category “Announcement” can be used to create an announcement, which will

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How can I create an event category

Classter enables you to create events in your calendar. To do so, you first need to configure the Event Categories so that the events on the calendar are shown with different colors, have different functionalities and send different kinds of notifications depending on what they are about. To create a

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How can I measure attendees’ satisfaction in an event?

How can I measure attendees’ satisfaction in an event? In case you wish to measure attendees satisfaction in an event through Classter you can create a survey with questions related to the event. Now the questions that arise are certainly two, maybe more. Firstly, what is the survey? And then

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How to configure create and view events

How to Configure, Create and View events? In this menu you will learn how to configure create and view events with Classter simple and easy. But what is an event? An event could be for example an event, a seminar, a party, an information day etc. where you can invite

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I want to plan an event. How can I see the available timeslots?

In any educational institute, planning events besides the ordinary activities can get tricky, especially when many different people need to plan different events, that should not overlap with each other. To avoid such conflicts, Classter allows you to see the scheduled events and then plan yours accordingly. As an Admin,

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Can I provide multiple information about my event?

When creating an event in Classter, you can provide multiple information about it. You can write descriptions for the event, add external links, files, and pictures, for example a poster. That information will be visible to anyone invited in the event when clicking on it from their calendar and will

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