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Pointing System


Classter’s pointing system works as a point-based reward system. Note: For this system to work fully, we need to have the CRM module, otherwise it works partially. Pointing System Settings

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Pointing System Management

To access the pointing system, we can go to the Quick Actions menu. Quick Actions Actions Menu Management Views: Pointing System Figure 2 The Pointing System opens in a new

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Sessions can be created and used to update the point allocation to students. Academic Tasks > Sessions & Homework > Session List Figure 12 Create a New Session Click on

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Sessions The Layout is based on the settings in the classroom. This can be modified from the Sessions. For example, you can modify the layout to use the seating arrangement

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Subjects Absences In the Teacher’s portal, teachers can go to Subject Absences to manage the layout and award or deduct points for the attendance. Note: The attendance needs to be

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General Configuration for Pointing System

Dropdown Lists When configuring the pointing system, we are occasionally redirected to the Dropdown Lists. Below are some of the List Types used in the configuration of the pointing system.

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