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What is the time the end user sees in Classter

Classter uses time in many functionalities. Timetables, Calendar, Events, Assignments, and many more modules and actions are time-related. So how does this work? Figure 1 When setting up an institute in Classter, one of the things that are essential is to set the institute’s time zone. This is achieved from

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How Can I Upload Student Data from an Excel Sheet?

In Classter student’s data can be massively uploaded from excel sheets, than manually imported student by student. Tip: If you need to add a single student, check out our employee’s how to guide here. Logged in as an Admin, from the configuration menu, go to Advanced Configurations. (Figure 1) Figure

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Can I Change the Default Language to Global?

Unfortunately, no, at the moment you cannot define Global as your Default Language option when you edit terminology. The language selected is usually the official language of the user. However, you can define the default language selected for all users when they log in. To find this setting, from the

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How Can I Add External Links on the Dashboard?

This can be done via two methods:   By creating an extra menu bar   By adding a custom Menu on the dashboard  The difference between those is the place where you can view them.  The way to add one of the two I pretty similar. Go to  CONFIGURATION > Advanced Configuration and click on the

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How is Password Strength Measured?

When creating a password for your Classter account you must make sure to create a Strong Password. Below you will see how password strength is measured.   Strength Description:  Blank: No Password Protection, empty and/or space characters only.  Very Weak: Either too short (less than 5 chars), one-case letters only or digits

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