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How Can I Add External Links on the Dashboard?

Updated on May 13, 2022

This can be done via two methods:  

  1. By creating an extra menu bar  
  2. By adding a custom Menu on the dashboard 

The difference between those is the place where you can view them. 

The way to add one of the two I pretty similar. Go to  CONFIGURATION > Advanced Configuration and click on the Custom Menus Definitions as seen in the picture below. 


Click on Create new 


There you have to choose the language you want it to be displayed, the title, the description, the URL, the color and the roles you want it to be displayed to. 

On the checkbox Menu, you choose if you want the link to be displayed on the left as a menu bar, by checking it or don’t check the Menu checkbox and it will be displayed on the front page as seen in the first image. 

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