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Why Some Students Dont Receive Bulk Emails While Others Do?

Updated on May 4, 2022

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The reason for this occurrence is that in many cases Students may not have a Contact Email. This can result in the system not being able to find an email in order to send the message, thus the system will send your message to the student through an internal message to their message center (Figure 3). 

As you can see the student has an External Provider Account but no Contact Email (Figure 1). 

 Figure 1 


If the “Send to account email” option is not checked, Classter will try to send an email to a Student contact email (Figure 2).  

If there is no contact email, then it will send an internal message. 

Figure 2 

As you can see below, it has changed to the Internal Message Type (Figure 3). 

Figure 3 

if you check the ‘Send to account email’ option, Classter will send an email to the External Provider Account (Figure 4). 

Figure 4 

As you can see, the message type is E-mail (Figure 5). 

Figure 5 

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