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Admission Data & Consents

How can I massively download files uploaded by an applicant?

There are two ways to download massively the uploaded data from the application process of an applicant, first from the Application Management menu and second in the Student’s profile card. Application Management Navigate to MANAGEMENT > Admission > Application Management (Figure 1) Figure 1   In the List of Applications,

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Why is a consent not visible?

Consents differ from Admission Data as they have some additional security restrictions about who can see or answer them. When a Consent does not appear in a user, three parameters need to be checked. First, the age of the user. In Classter there is a setting that defines from what

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How Can I Set Different Rejection Statuses in Admission Process?

During the application process, an applicant’s status may appear different terms depending on the institution’s configuration of statuses, i.e. accepted, preliminary accepted, rejected etc. Accordingly, the applicant may decide to accept an offer, reject an offer or accept another offer.   Tip: You can benefit from our complete guide in

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