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Application Management

Info message for personal data validations

Admission / Admission Settings / Application Management / Date of Birth Controls / Info message for personal data validations   This info message is used only if the Date of Birth Control is enabled. Based on the setting coming of age (Coming of Age), the system will raise a pop-up

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How can a user delete an application in Classter?

Like all the application-related actions in Classter, deleting an application is completed in the Application Management menu. (Figure 1)   Figure 1   There are two ways: deleting a single application or multiple in bulk.   Single Application   To delete a single application, the user must navigate to actions

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Can 2 applicants use the same email address?

As you might already know, the first step in Classter’s Admission Process is filling in the Sign-up form. The Sign-up form always requires an email address through which the applicant’s account is created into the system. In that email address, the applicant receives the initial invitation to the system with

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What is the difference between Admission Users and User Accounts ?

In Classter, there is a distinct difference between users that are registered and applicants (the same applies to their Parents/Relatives). Their portals function differently for the time period they are applicants and change when they get registered. So, for the system, a Student is considered an Admission user if he

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How can I view the list of applicants/admission users?

In Classter, there is a distinct difference between users that are registered as students or applicants, and the same applies for their parents. Their portals function differently during the period they are applicants and change when they get registered as students. So, for Classter, a student is considered an admission

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How Can I Permanently Delete an Admission User?

Classter maintains all admission user’s data in the system in order to better control the admissions process, to make sure the institution is aware of all admissions users in the system, and for historical analysis. If you want to permanently delete an admission user, it can be performed manually. Tip:

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Application Category

The reason for adding an application category is to classify the applicant and to set rules for this category of applicant e.g., Age restriction 23 (Figure 32). Figure 32 From the dropdown list menu, you have chosen Application Category (Figure 32): Create New Application Category Click on +Add New to

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Application Type

When applying, an applicant must choose an Application Type. Common application types for new students/ applicants can be New Application, Re-Applying. This may vary from institution to institution. If you are applying for the first time for example you would use a New Application type. The types you create indicate

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Application Status

When applying, an applicant’s application status may change according to which steps he has taken in the process. Common statuses during the application process may be Draft, Submitted, Registered, Rejected. This may vary from institution to institution. By clicking on the dropdown lists and choosing Application Status the page will

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Printing – Copying – Exporting Information

Pages that include the following set of buttons (Figure 58) allow you to print, copy or export the data available on those pages e.g., Dropdown Lists Application Type. Figure 58 Printing Use the     button to print e.g., Application Types. Once you click on the button the print prompt will

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