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Can 2 applicants use the same email address?

Updated on November 22, 2022

As you might already know, the first step in Classter’s Admission Process is filling in the Sign-up form. The Sign-up form always requires an email address through which the applicant’s account is created into the system.

In that email address, the applicant receives the initial invitation to the system with a verification link and the credentials to enter the platform, so it needs to be unique for every user. If a second applicant fills the Signup form with an email address that is already in use, the system will return one out of two error messages, based on the state of the other account using the same email.

If the other account is already verified, a message as in Figure 1 will appear.

Figure 1

The logon link in that message will lead to the institute’s login page, while the reset password link will lead to the reset password screen. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

In both cases, the existing username is required, information available only to the email’s owner.

If the first account created is not verified, though, the system assumes that the owner of the email didn’t proceed with the verification and started the Sign-up form all over again.

In this case, a message as in Figure 3 will appear.

Figure 3

The verify link will lead to a screen as in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Here there is the option of resending the initial invitation to the email address submitted so that the user can verify the account and get his credentials to enter the system.

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