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Understanding Terminology and Set Up | Onboarding Manual

Watch the How-to Video   This section describes one of the unique functions of the Classter Portal, which is Custom Terminology. This is a very important section because it allows you to modify terminology to meet the needs of your educational institution. In various educational systems there are terms that

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Understanding Classter Main Entities | Onboarding Manual

Classter operates with the use of many entities that are vital for users to understand in order to more effectively use the Classter System. The terminology may alter the names of specific entities on Classter but it cannot change the function of each entity. Some of the entities we want

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How to Create Classes (or Groups) | Onboarding Manual

Watch the how-to video From the Classes/Groups option from the main menu you can begin setting up classes/groups. Follow the path: DashboardManagementClassesManage Classes (Figure 34). Figure 34 On this page you will see the following (Figure 34): On this page, you can see all the existing classes. To create a

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Allocate Educators to Classes (or Groups) & Subjects | Onboarding Manual

Watch the how-to video A very important task for the administrator is to allocate educators/teachers to class/groups and subjects/units. To begin the process, follow the path: Dashboard>Management>Personnel & Contacts>Educators (Figure 72). Figure 72 From the search filters, select a School e.g Middle School and click on the ‘Search’ button to

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