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Announcements & Calendar – Parent’s View | Mobile App Manual

Updated on May 24, 2022
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Once you click on the announcements option (Figure 8), you will be transferred to the announcements screen. Here you can view all the institution announcements of events, activities, parent teacher meetings etc (Figure 13).

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Figure 13

  • The first screen shows all unread announcements, you can also see announcements that you have already viewed by clicking on the ‘Read’ button (Figure 13).
  • You can see in each announcement card the title, description and location of the event associated to the announcement (Figure 13).
  • You can click on an announcement to view it (Figure 13).

Once you click on the Announcement card from the unread screen (Figure 13) you wish to view, you will be transferred to the Announcement Detail screen (Figure 14).

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Figure 14

  • On this screen you can view details regarding this announcement (Figure 14).
  • You can see any attached files and download them by clicking on the download button (Figure 14).
  • Once you read this new announcement and click on the arrow to go back to the previous screen you will notice that this announcement will be moved from Unread to the Read list.

You can use the back-arrow buttons to navigate back to the main menu screen.


Once you click on the calendar option (Figure 8), you will be transferred to the calendar screen. Here you can view all the events, activities, sessions/classes of your children etc. (Figure 15).

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Figure 15

  • In this screen you can view the calendar in a monthly view (Figure 15).
  • Under each day you can see dots that indicate there is something scheduled for that day. If you click on the day with the dot underneath you will see the schedule for that day bellow the calendar (Figure 15).
  • You can view the calendar per Week (Figure 16), per Timetable (Figure 17) or per Day (Figure 18).
  • Click on the highlighted item on the days schedule to view details. You will be transferred to the details page (Figure 19).

Figure 16                                                              Figure 17                                                                    Figure 18

If you click on a highlighted item in the calendar (Figure 15), you will be transferred to the details screen (Figure 19). Here you can view details of the scheduled class, subject, test etc.

Figure 19

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Table of contents