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Homework | Parent’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022

This section allows you to find what homework and assignments have been assigned to each child for any of their subjects e.g. Mathematics, English, Art etc. The homework can be printed.

To access the homework, click on the Homework button in the Menu area (Figure 49).

Figure 49

  • This opens the window in Figure 50
    • Select a student from the dropdown.
    • By default you will be able to see all groups/classes available. You can narrow search parameters by chosing a specific group of classes.
    • By default, all courses (subjects) are pre-selected. To remove some of the pre-selected courses (subjects) you must click on the white “X” next to each course. You can also use the select all or deselect all buttons to refine your selection.
    • Specify the date to find the current homework. Choose a date from and a to date.
    • Once you have refined your selection (Student/Group/Classes/Date), click on the Show Homework button in order to view the homewok (Figure 50).

Figure 50

  • Results will appear automatically, and you can scroll down to view all the Homework (Figure 51).

Figure 51

To print out the Homework, click on the Print button. This will open a popup window where you can preview all assignments. You can print or export to a preferred file format.

Figure 52


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