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I don’t understand the meaning of intakes. Should I create intakes?

Updated on July 31, 2023

As most of you probably already know, two settings define when the admission process of an institute will be available,the Admission Start Date & Admission End Date settings. (Figure 1)


Figure 1


These settings though only define when a candidate can create a Classter Admission account through the Sign-up form, and not when he can fill in and submit an application for the educational programs of interest.

The period in which the applicants can apply for educational programs is defined by the intakes. Depending on the organization’s needs, you might have the application process available for all programs at the same time or have different application periods for different programs.

So, if the application period is the same for all programs you only need one intake, otherwise you will need as many intakes as the different application periods of the different programs. In any case, you must always have at least one intake in place.

Intakes can be found and created in CONFIGURATION > Admission > Dropdown lists. (Figure 2)


Figure 2


When you have created the appropriate intakes, you need to configure which programs are available in the admission, and with which intake is each one connected.

For more information on how to configure Intakes, Application Categories and Application Types, take a look at this Article, explaining how these entities are used.

For a better understanding of how to set up the Admission module from scratch, you can also check out our On-demand Webinar | Classter Walkthrough Admissions.

Find more or post your questions on our Facebook Community Page. Also, watch our how-to videos on our YouTube channel.


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