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Attendance | Parent’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022
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The Attendance tab gives parents a comprehensive view of their children’s Attendance records. You can view your children’s presences, delays, absences to their classes, etc.

  • Click on Attendance in the Menu to access this window.

Figure 100

  • Select a child from the select student dropdown.
  • Next choose the attendance date range to be viewed.
  • Finally choose the type of Attendance (Presence, Late, and Absence) from the status dropdown. Multiple statues can be selected.
  • Then click on the Search button to view the attendance for the filtered period.

You can now see the results of your search:

  • The first table has the breakdown of the attendance, i.e. the attendance statistics. You see the attendance ratio, attendance ration(unauthorized), authorized, unauthorized and late presences.

Figure 101

  • The next level is split into the calendar and attendance list views.


In the calendar view, the attendance status for each day is displayed as an entry on the calendar.

  • Each entry is colour coded. E.g. green for presence, red for absence, yellow for lateness, etc.
  • Use the direction arrows to move from one month to the next.

Figure 102

Attendance List

The attendance list view gives a detailed information on each attendance entry.

Figure 103

Attendance Justification

Parents can choose provide reasons for and justify late or absent entries for their children/ward. To do this, click on the Attendance Justification button.

Figure 104

This opens a popup window where you can view previous justification requests or add new requests.

Figure 105

  • You can edit or delete a pending request using the Actions options.

Figure 106

  • You can click on the files button to view the uploaded supporting documents.

Figure 107

  • You can click on the entries button to view all attendance entries linked to that request.

Figure 108

  • Click on New Request to add a new justification request.

Figure 109

  • Select a date range and click on show attendance entries. This will return a list of all unauthorised absences.
    • Select one or more entries.
    • Choose a type (absence reason) from the dropdown. E.g. Medical reasons or Family reasons.
    • Add a comment.
    • Upload supporting files. E.g. medical certificates.
    • Save.

Figure 110


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Table of contents