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Term Marking | Educator’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022

Watch the How-to Video

Term marking is a marking tool that enables teachers to enter marks for each student per marking period. (Figure 85)

Figure 85

  • Use the Class, Subject and Marking Period filters to show students and their marks in Homework, Classwork, Exams, Personal Assessments as well as their Final Overall Grade (O.G.) and the Suggested O.G. Additionally, you can see Literal, Status (if set by the admin).
  • In the comment column you can choose to enter comments for each student regarding his performance.
  • You can edit all marks (for each criterion) and you can also edit the Overall Grade adding a different grade at the Suggested O.G. column e.g. Achan Jack Suggested O.G. 81.50 Final Overall Grade 81.5
  • Click on the Recalculated Final Marks button to make the changes you make to marks in all criteria.
  • You have the option from filters to view the page as a supervisor. To do this click on the Enable Supervisor Mode button.
  • Lastly next to the ‘Show’ button in the filters area you can click on the Annual Results button to select an Annual Results Model
  • Click on Save to save all changes.

Note: The various mark fields depend on your system’s grades configuration set by the admin. As you can see in the example below, there are the Writing, Reading, Speaking criteria (Figure 86)

Figure 86

Note: If the marking period is locked by the admin you will not be able to edit marks. (Figure 87)

Figure 87


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