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Updated on August 7, 2023

Companies that partner with your college/ university are provided with user accounts and can upload jobs which are related to specific institutes and courses.

Students who have been enrolled to a program with subjects of the type internship or thesis will be able to apply to available jobs.

The companies, supervisors, or employees at your college/ university can then accept them. Jobs have sets of properties, the skills you need to have to get them, what you learn while the internship lasts, the description of the company, etc.

To finalize the job assignment, the student needs to download and sign the contract. Then the company needs to sign the contract and upload it.

Once everything is uploaded, the call proceeds to the screen and the student is assigned to a specific job.

The next phase is to monitor the job progress and how the application is going to be managed. On the calendar, the student can view the specific days he needs to work. The student is responsible for submitting his attendance, which is then verified by the company (employer) and then by your college/ university (supervisor).

The company and your college/ university (supervisor) can add comments (e.g. progress reports) which can be reviewed by the company or your college/university.

Final marks (pass or not pass) are allocated to the internship subject. Reports based on the attendance which will determine how much money the student needs to be paid every month can also be generated.

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