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How can I accept overdue applications?

Updated on July 22, 2022

It often occurs in many educational institutes that candidates miss the application deadline. In Classter, you can anticipate this delay and handle it in a way that the applicants will manage to submit their applications for a period of time, after the application deadline has passed.

Let’s say you have an intake that closes at 30/11/2022. This means that the educational programs related to this intake will only be available until then. (Figure 1)

Figure 1


What you can do is create an overdue intake starting right after the end of this one and connect the same educational programs.

That way, applicants will be permitted to apply for a bit longer but in a way that they can be filtered by intake and knowing which of them were delayed in the Application Management Menu. (Figure 2)

Figure 2


Note that in order for this to work, the dates of the overdue intake need to be included in the date range set in the Admissions Start Date & Admissions End Date settings.

Extra Tip: If the institute had not anticipated the delayed applications or had a change of policy at the last minute, there is another way to override the intake’s end date. This can be achieved by enabling the Overwrite all intakes’ end date with global admission end date setting.

This setting can be found in CONFIGURATION > Admission > Admission Settings > General Admission Settings and when activated, it will prolong the end date of the intake, matching that of the Admission End Date Setting. The downside here though is that employees won’t be able to filter the applicants based on if they were delayed or not since there won’t be two separate intakes.

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