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My Teachers | Student’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022

Watch the How-to Video

In this section you can view all your Teachers (From subjects you are enrolled in) and view information about Teachers, Contact Details as well as the Availability of Teachers over the Academic Period.

To Reach this page you need to go to the Main MenuàMy Teachers. The page looks like this (Figure 40h):

Figure 40h

  • Click on the E-mail address of the Teacher you want, and you will be promoted to the email service you use on your Computer (Figure 40i):

Figure 40i

  • Click on the Available Hours button to see the hours your Teachers are available to talk with you (Figure 40j):

Figure 40j

  • By clicking on the “Send Message” button you will be able to send an internal message to your teacher (Figure 40j)
  • If you have a mentor Teacher, you will be able to see a blue button under the teacher’s photograph (Figure 40j).
  • Above the available hours you can see all the Subjects that the Teacher Teaches e.g. Elaine Borg, English (Figure40j).
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