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Academic Data | Student’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022

Watch the How-to Video

In this section, you can have an overview of your academic performance. To reach this page you need to follow the path: Dashboard>Academic Performance (Figure 53).

Figure 53

Main Page

  • On the main academic data page you will be able to see your photo, year, group, login info, class attendance/ absences, thumbs up, badges and your points total (if your school/university uses points). These fields will be visible regardless of the specific tab you are on (Figure 53).
  • When you arrive on the academic data page, you will see that you are on the Overview tab (Figure 53).

Overview Tab

  • On the overview tab, you will see the list of objectives you have achieved (Figure 53).
  • Below the objectives you will see the Actions & Remarks section (Figure 54).

Figure 54

  • You can see Actions & Rewards such as academic, reward/ detentions.

Marks Tab

  • In the Marks tab you can view your academic performance based on marks you have achieved per class and marking period e.g Y4B, Mid Term 1 (Figure 55).
  • You can view graphs displaying your performance vs the class performance and more (Figure 55).
  • View marks for each assessment per subject and marking period (Figure 55).

Figure 55

Descriptive Marks Tab

Figure 56

  • Select the academic periods you want to view from the filter’s dropdown field (Figure 56) and click on the filter button (Figure 57).
  • Now you can view your descriptive marks per Category/Subject/Marking Period (Figure 56).

Figure 57

Assessments Tab

  • On this tab you will see all the assessments you have marks per subject (Figure 58).
  • You can also view up to 5 upcoming scheduled assessments (Figure 58).

Figure 58

Digital Data Tab

Figure 59

  • Here you can view your various class/assessment files. The teacher uploads files in the folders and you can download them (Figure 59).
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