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Main Menu – Teacher’s View | Mobile Apps Manual

Updated on May 24, 2022
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This is the equivalent of the Teachers Portal on the Online Classter Platform. This is where teachers will begin their navigation in the main menu screen (Figure 64).

Figure 64

Main Menu

In the main menu screen, you can navigate around all the major functions of this application.

In Figure 64 you see the screen for Teachers is composed of two parts:

The Header:

  • Here you can see the institution logo on the left
  • Your profile picture in the right. This is also a dropdown button in which you can see your profile info or click on the sign out button to log off (Figure 65).

Figure 65

  • If you click on the My Profile button you will be transferred to my Profile screen (Figure 66).

Figure 66

Here you will be able to see the following information (Figure 66):

  • Teacher Photograph
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • External Provider Email
  • ‘About Us’ button: This button leads you to the About Us page (Figure 66a). Information about Classter, Company Profile.
  • ‘License & Terms’ button: This button leads you to the terms of use page:
  • ‘Contact Us’ button: This button leads you to the contact us page. You will find Classters contact number and email for any questions or issues you have regarding the mobile app (Figure 66a).
  • ‘App Language’ button: Click on this option to change the language used in the Classter Mobile Application (Figure 67).

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Figure 66a

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Figure 67

Menu Options (Figure 68)

  • Messages option: Click on this button if you wish to see your inbox or in order to send a new message to teachers, parents, students.
  • Announcements option: Click on this option to view all announcements regarding you. e.g Faculty Meeting.
  • Calendar option: Click on this option to view your schedule e.g Monday 3rd of February Subject: Design.
  • Attendance option: Click on this option to view your Student’s Attendance record.

Figure 68

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Table of contents