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User Profile | Employee’s Manual

Updated on June 29, 2023

Edit Profile

To edit your profile, navigate to the User Actions area by:

Clicking on the red arrow next to your name label (Figure 1).


Figure 1


Click on ‘My Profile’ (Figure 2).


Figure 2


Now, at your profile page (Figure 3), you will see the following:

Figure 3


Note: Please keep in mind that the following actions can be customized by Institute’s permissions, meaning some fields may or may not visible/available.


Basic data :

  • Fields set to read only.
  • Add or remove your photo.


Security Preferences:

  • Set a reminder e-mail: you can set an alternative email address for password recovery reasons. Please note that if you use Office 365/Google or any other login external provider, the password recovery is done by the administrator or through the external provider’s password recovery services.
  • Set a preferred contact method: select the contact method by which you prefer receiving notifications from the school (the contact methods list is set by the admin).
  • Hide / Show your birthday information from the timeline of other users.



  • Change password. This option will pop up a password change window.
  • Settings: Here you can set your personal settings. You can set your preferred Student Default View type, Default Registration Status and Position Calendar Default View (Figure 4). Click on ‘Save’ button to save changes.

Figure 4


  • Consents: View any consents or admission data.
  • Messaging Signature: Create a default signature to be used when sending messages from the portal.
  • Signature for official documents: Click on this to upload a signature template to be used when signing forms and consents.
  • Requests: View all submitted and pending requests here.



Using the Reports button, you can open a report named “Personal Data”. This report provides all personal information held by the institution.


Figure 5


When you feel that everything is set up correctly, click on Save to save your changes.


Manuals & Videos

Click on the Manuals & Videos link to access this manual and other relevant guides and video tutorials.

Figure 6


Links: Knowledge Base

Clicking on the Knowledge Base link underneath the manual title and description, and you will be redirected to Classter Knowledge Base where you can find FAQ’s, User Guides, App Settings, Integration Manuals and more!

Figure 7


Links: YouTube Channel

Clicking on the YouTube link underneath the manual title and description, and you will be redirected to Classter YouTube channel where you can find How-To Playlists, What’s New videos and Webinars!

Figure 8



Links: Freshdesk

Clicking on the Support link redirects to Classter Support Portal where you can find solutions to known issues, create new support tickets or check ticket status.

Figure 9


Sign out

To Sign out, simple click on the red arrow new to your name label and then click on the “Sign out” option. This will sign you out of Classter.(Figure 10).

If you have signed in using Office 365 or Google G-suite, it will also sign you out from the Office 365 or Google Workspace platform.


Figure 10

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