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Requests | Parent’s Manual

Updated on May 18, 2022

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From the Requests menu, parents can create requests for financial changes to their children’s school account. They can give consent and are also able to make other types requests.

  • The default tab is the requests tab.

Figure 111

  • Click on the comments tab to view more details on the request.

Figure 112

  • You can create a request by clicking on the Create New button (Figure 113).

Figure 113

  • Once you click on the create request button, you will be directed to the Request Form.
    • Select a child from the dropdown.
    • Choose a type e.g. requests or comments.
    • Select a category e.g. request or change of consent.
    • Apply for a request e.g. remarking, official transcript printout, etc.
    • Click on send to submit the request.

Figure 114


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