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How can a Teacher, set his/ her Availability for meetings? Is there a way to set the availability for everyone in the institution?

Updated on May 20, 2022

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Unfortunately no, currently there is no way to set teacher availability for the whole institution. The best solution is for each teacher to define when he/ she is available and when he/ she is not available. There is no reason for the administrator to get involved. Every teacher can make his/ her availability known by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the “Set Availability” button.

Figure 1

Once a teacher clicks on the “Set Availability” button (Figure 1) a pop-up window appears.

Figure 2

  • The popup window is the Availability screen, here teachers can view their availability. The teacher can view his/her availability for specific tasks by using the filters “Valid For” and “Availability Status” (Figure 2).
  • The teacher can set his/her availability for specific tasks e.g online meetings by clicking on the “Add” button (Figure 2).

In the “Add” popup window, you can see the following fields: “Description” e.g Available for Online Meetings – “Available Status” e.g Available or Unavailable – “Valid For” e.g Students’/Parents’ Meeting – Day e.g Sunday – Start/End Time e.g 10.00-11.00 a.m (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • Once you are done filling in the fields, click on the “Add” button (Figure 3).
  • Once you add the availability, you will return to the Availability popup window where you will need to click on “Save” to finalize the process.


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