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Introduction to Curricula | Curriculum

Updated on May 24, 2022

This is mainly used for Higher Education Institutions such as Universities and Colleges. It is a set of {subjects}/{Units} which all together equate to a Degree. These studies are completed in one or more {Years}, all this creates a structure that hopefully leads to the graduation of the student with a University/College Degree. This is what is meant by Curriculum on Classter. Curriculums may be connected to an educational program or many educational programs as well as to a Marking Structure. Each educational program may have more than one curriculum as requirements may change for new student intakes in new academic periods.

An example of a Curriculum for Higher Education is that students attending the first year of university may be required to take specific introduction {subjects} e.g Intro to Psychology in order to access more advanced psychology {subjects} in later {Years}. Each subject the student takes he will be awarded a specific number of credits. The student must attain a specific number of credits per year to be considered full time or part-time student. The student will need to accumulate a specific number of credits to be eligible for graduation/completion of an educational program.

Note: Curriculums can be used in special cases for K12 Schools that have International Baccalaureate programs and simulate a University system or if they follow Adaptive Learning schemes.

Path to Curriculums: DashboardConfigurationMain SettingsEducational ProgramsCurriculums (Figure 1).

Figure 1

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