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Use consents only from admission institute

Updated on May 4, 2022

District Management / General Settings / General District Setting / Basic Settings / Use consents only from admission institute(Only if you use External Admission Institute)

This setting specifies whether to only use consents from an admission institution
(only if you use an external admission institution).

Select this option if:
(1) You have a multi-institution installation.
(2) One institution is  “Admission Only“.
(3) You want any consent entered or taken to be saved only in the Institution defined as Admission Only type.

To see which institute is admission or to set the institute as admission only, go to
Main Settings / My Institute / Functional Type, as Administrator.

For example, when an applicant consents during his/her application to the admission institute, his consents are stored and managed only by the admission institution.

Employees from other institution will only be allowed to read the student’s consents.

Note: There can only be one admission company per database when the client has a single database.

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