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Teacher’s Timetable | Employee Manual

Updated on May 13, 2022


You can see groups, subjects or activities, days, hours, and rooms the teacher is enrolled in (Figure 245).

Figure 245

  • Select School e.g., Kindergarten school.
  • Select Category e.g. All.
  • Activate if you want to see Enable Service Enrollment (Activities).
  • Click on the Print button to Print the timetable report or export it to pdf, xlsx, docx, csv.
  • Click on or Print Timetable to print the entire timetable.

Personal Files & Links

You can add personal files or links of the teacher.

  • Click on the ‘Add’ button and select File or Link.
  • Add the file or link, select category, add a note, and save (Figure 246).

Figure 246

  • You can download, edit, or delete files using the relevant buttons (Figure 247).

Figure 247

Availability and Constraints

You can add and/or check teacher’s availability (Figure 248).

Figure 248

  • Use the filters ‘Valid For’ and ‘Availability Status’ to show availability and constraints.
  • Use the search tool to find a specific entry among results.
  • Click on relevant buttons to edit or delete an availability entry.
  • Click on ‘Add’ button to add teacher’s availability (Figure 249).

Figure 249


By clicking on Views & Statistics→Messages you will be taken to the Message Center to view messages (Figure 229a).

Figure 250

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