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Can I have multiple admission periods at the same time?

Updated on July 22, 2022

Many educational institutes accept applications for different educational programs at different periods throughout the year. Also, you might need to have applications in advance for specific programs. Classter can implement all kinds of different designs to meet any organization’s needs.

There are two different entities in Classter that combined can give any possible combination. The first entity is the Intake. For more information on how to configure intakes and how to use them, check out the I don’t understand the meaning of intakes. Should I create intakes?

The second entity is the Academic Period. To get a better understanding of how to involve multiple academic periods in the Admission process, read the Is it possible to enable my applicants to apply for future intakes?

Combining the information from the articles above, we end up to the following conclusions:

  1. You can have different Admission periods in the same Academic period by having multiple intakes, each connected with the appropriate educational programs.
  2. You can have candidates applying for studies a long time in advance by creating the Academic periods in which they are going to start their studies and enabling them from the admission settings.
  3. You can have different Admission periods in different Academic periods by having multiple Academic periods enabled in the Admission and each Academic period having multiple intakes.
  4. Different Intakes can have common time periods in their date ranges. If that’s the case, the applicants will get to select in which intake they want to apply and based on that choice they will see the relevant programs.
  5. Based on the configuration, applicants can be allowed to apply one multiple intakes and multiple periods.

To get a better understanding of how to configure the Admission module, check out the Classter Walkthrough Admissions Webinar.

Find more or post your questions on our Facebook Community Page. Also, watch our how-to videos on our YouTube channel.

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