Creating Zoom Meetings per Lecturer

From Classter Main Menu>Configuration>Advanced Configurations page (Figure 41).

Figure 41

Go from Main Menu>Configuration>Advanced Configurations>Third – Party Integrations> click on Zoom.

Note: The Zoom license is stored either as a Virtual Classroom or as a Lecturer.

Figure 42

Options: the same as described at the beginning of the manual.

  1. Enable On/Off: switch zoom on or off (Figure 43).

Figure 43

  1. Choose your Connection Type from the drop-down menu (Figure 44):
  • Using Classter Classroom
  • Using Educator Personal Account: in this case, we will be selecting this option.
  • Using Plain Personal Url

Figure 44

With the user type – Lecturer: From the Dashboard>Click on your picture/avatar> Click on my profile (Figure 45).

Figure 45

Once you have clicked on my profile, you will be taken to the lecturer’s profile page (Figure 46).

Choose an Online meeting Provider, in this case: Zoom (Figure 47).

Figure 47

Now go to Zoom and copy Username and Password (Figure 48) to the fields you see on the Lecturer profile page (Figure 47).

Figure 48

Select and copy Sign-in Εmail of the user then scroll down to copy the password (Figure 49).

Figure 49

Create a Session from Timetable using a Zoom Lecturer

Create a Session From Timetable

Click on Main menu>Configuration>Academic Settings>Timetable>Classrooms and choose a classroom (Figure 50 & 51).

Figure 50

Figure 51

  • Create or edit a classroom (Figure 51).
  • Once you click on create or edit a classroom, fill in the fields in the Third-Party Integrations section Provider (Zoom) – UserName – Password (Figure 52).

Figure 52

Click on the ‘Save’ button to save changes (Figure 52).

From the Main menu>Academic Tasks>Sessions & Homework> Click on Session List (Figure 53).

Figure 53

Click on the ‘Create from Timetable’ button to create a session from the timetable (Figure 54).

Figure 54

Fill in the Session List filters, School, Categories, View Type, Classes, Range, Days

Auto-Create sessions using the timetable (turn it on) and click search (Figure 55).

Figure 55

In this case, there are two sessions. Click on the ‘Save Timetable Suggested Session’ and it will auto-create the Zoom Meetings and Sessions (Figure 56).

Figure 56