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Student Status Change Workflow

Updated on June 23, 2022

CRM Settings / General Settings / CRM Settings / Status Workflow / Student Status Change Workflow

Here you select the flow that will follow one status to the other.
Example, if the student can change from Candidate to Registered or if other statuses have to be mediated to reach the final status.

To configure new workflow, you must go in CRM Settings / Dropdown lists, as shown below.

To work properly, the user who changes the status of the student must not have the right to freely change the status of the students. For this setting go to Main Settings / Role Management and select the user type you want.

Example with staff/employee, who has a role ”secretary”

The option” Don’t filter Student status based on workflow rules. (The user can select any status)” must be disabled.

Secretary for our example is Marthese Farrugia

To change student’s status, you have to go in Students List as shown below

The student has Candidate (Draft Applicant) status, based on the rule we made above the next status he can get is Candidate (Submitted Application)

No other status exists in the list


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